Jungle SUP Tour

The jungletour starts out at Iemanja Beach Club. From here we take the SUP Boards (Stand Up Paddle Boards) and go into the jungle along the river. Before jumping on our boards I give a quick crash course in Stand Up Paddleboarding to help everyone understand how to paddle, feel safe and comfortable on their boards.

Then we head into the Mangrove together – it is an amazing experience to be so close to nature in a completley pure and raw Atlantic Rainforest. We paddle through the dense Mangrove about 30 min.

Once we come out of the Mangrove and back on to the open river we head to a sand bank that is formed in the middle of the river during low tide to “park” our boards and have a relaxing time.

Our team prepares a floating picnic (a picnic served on a SUP board). A delicious picnic full of tropical and local fruits and goodies. We have music with us in order to create a nice and chill ambience. We stay at the sandbank any where from 30 min to 1 hour depending on how long the group wants to stay and then we paddle back to Iemanja Beach Club.